Z-Man Weedless Eye Jighead


  • $6.99

Z-Man Weedless Eye Jighead

Got grass? Then you need this weedless version of Z-Man's acclaimed Trout Eye™ Jighead. Like the popular original, the Z-Man® Weedless Eye™ Jighead is totally focused on catching trout, reds, snook, tarpon, and just about anything else swimming in the inshore waters (plus many freshwater species as well). No other jighead sports a bigger, more natural-looking 3D eye than the Trout Eye...and no other jighead is so precisely balanced to maintain a natural profile in shallow water. Developed by seatrout guru Ralph Phillips, the Z-Man Weedless Eye is meticulously hand-poured and molded on a heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® hook with upturned eye for slithering through the grass on the flats. Super-sharp double barbs on the collar hold your plastic secure; custom wire weedguard helps keep debris away, yet won't impeded hooksetting. Made in USA.

  • Huge, natural-looking 3D eye
  • Gives inshore predators an irresistible target
  • Hand-poured for precise balance
  • Mustad UltraPoint hook
  • Upturned hook eye for slithering through grass
  • Sharp double barbs hold plastics secure
  • Custom wire weedguard

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