Yo-Zuri HD Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader

Yo-Zuri HD Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader


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Yo-Zuri HD Fluorocarbon is a brand new fluorocarbon leader that maximizes the advantages of fluorocarbon and a Disappearing Pink tint. Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in the water and red is the first color to disappear in the water column. Pink is the lightest shade of red and as a result disappears the quickest.

Fluorocarbon is also only invisible until it gets nicked or scraped up. If this happens, that section of the leader actually lights up from the sunlight. The color pink added to the line helps reduce this problem keeping an anglers invisibility intact. Ultimately the combination of fluorocarbon and the color pink will double your invisibility advantage and increase your chance for hookups!

Yo-Zuri HD Carbon has incredible abrasion resistance, ultimate invisibility, higher sensitivity, superior knot strength, and is a softer, more supple material than other brands.


ID Length (yd) Strength (lbs) Diameter (in) Diameter (mm)
HD 15LB DP 30 15 0.013 0.331
HD 20LB DP 30 20 0.015 0.38
HD 25LB DP 30 25 0.018 0.457
HD 30LB DP 30 30 0.019 0.488
HD 40LB DP 30 40 0.024 0.602
HD 50LB DP 30 50 0.025 0.645
HD 60LB DP 30 60 0.029 0.747
HD 80LB DP 30 80 0.033 0.847
HD 100LB DP     30                    100                     0.038                  0.953

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