Tsunami Airwave Coastal Series Rods

Tsunami Airwave Coastal Series Rods


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Through the use of unique, high-pressure production techniques, each Tsunami Airwave rod delivers strong powerful high-fiber density blanks wwith no excess weight. The result is a stronger, more powerful, lighter weight, high performance rod for inshore oor surf fishing. All-day casting no longer means sore arms and a tired angler because light weight is part of every Airwave rod design from the high-density blank to the Fuji® Concept™ Alconite guides used on the inshore models, tough, smooth braid proof guides used on the Surf series and the Grade A cork or durable, textured vinyl grips. The high-fiber density blanks provide extreme sensitivity and more resilience to transmit more power to each cast. That means more distance and accuracy with less effort. Once the hook is set, the reserve power in each blank helps beat braggin` size game fish. If your arms are tired after a day of fishing with Airwave rods...its just means you caught more fish!


TSAWCS-701MH- [Line Weight 10-20, Lure Weight 3/8-1oz.]

TSAWCS-701MF- [Line Weight 6-17, Lure Weight 1/8-3/4oz.]

TSAWCS-761MF- [Line Weight 8-17, Lure Weight 1/4-3/4oz.]

TSAWCS-801MF- [Line Weight 8-17, Lure Weight 1/4-3/4oz.]

TSAWCS-801MLF- [Line Weight 6-14, Lure Weight 1/8-1/2oz.]

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