Shimano Cardiff Round Baitcast Reel - 300A

Shimano Cardiff Round Baitcast Reel - 300A


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Cardiff® A Feature Details A-RB® Bearings Stainless steel ball bearings that have been through the A-RB treatment process which makes them at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings. Handle Side VBS® Reels equipped with this feature allow the angler to remove the handle side sideplate and adjust the VBS weights without removing the spool from the reel. This allows the angler to easily adjust the amount of cast control while the line is threaded through the rod. Variable Brake System (VBS®) VBS uses centrifugal force rather than magnets to aid in controlling the cast. The individual brake weights, when turned on, are forced outward at the beginning of the cast when backlashes most often occur, causing friction that reduces the speed of the spool. Once the spool speed begins to slow, the pressure lessens, allowing the spool to continue spinning. The result is a much more consistent spool speed that is easier to manage and takes advantage of the reel’s maximum casting distance. Settings range from zero weights turned on for true freespool and up to 6 weights turned on for extremely windy conditions and maximum cast control. Super Stopper® Super Stopper uses a one-way, stainless steel roller bearing that eliminates backplay. This provides the angler with instant hooksetting power. Assist Stopper® This is a back up system to the Super Stopper that consists of the traditional pawl and ratchet. Should the Super Stopper roller bearing slip due to cold weather or over-lubrication, the Assist Stopper kicks in to provide a solid hookset the instant the roller bearing begins to slip. Most of the time the angler will not even know when this feature engages, because by quickly stopping the backwards rotation of the roller bearing, the Assist Stopper greatly reduces the chance of permanent damage to the Super Stopper, allowing it to continue to function as designed. Non-Disengaging Levelwind System On wide-spool reels with a non-disengaging levelwind system, the levelwind remains engaged during the cast allowing the levelwind to track back and forth with the line as it flows off of the spool. This eliminates the drastic line angles caused by a disengaging levelwind system that can cause extreme friction which can lead to short casts or frustrating backlashes. By doing this we have increased the efficiency of the cast, allowing for more distance less effort. Recessed Reel Foot By recessing the reel foot further into the frame, the reel sits lower in the reel seat. This allows for a much more palmable feel when the reel is mounted on a rod than traditional frame designs. Not only does it increase the comfort level, but because of the lower profile in the reel seat, it makes the reel much more maneuverable with casting styles such as underhand and roll casts. Rubber Handle Grip Comfortable and soft to the touch. Clicker When engaged, the clicker increases the tension in freespool and activates a clicking alarm to alert you when a fish bites. Metal Series The metal construction showcased in some of our finest reels now appears throughout our line of Metal Series products. Metal frames not only keep moving parts in precise alignment, they also feature the use of the latest anodizing, plating and painting techniques for beautiful and durable finishes. Built to last with a solid aluminum frame, A-RB bearings, Super Stopper and more, Cardiff reel is a solid performer. A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings) Handle Side VBS Variable Brake System (VBS) Super Stopper Assist Stopper Non-Disengaging Levelwind System (400 and 401 only) Recessed Reel Foot (except on models 400 and 401) Three Post Quick Take Down (except on 2-post models, CDF100A) Rubber Handle Grip One Piece Diecast Aluminum Frame Aluminum Spool Aluminum Sideplates Clicker (400 and 401 only) Metal Series Specifications- Based on Mono Line Capacity CDF300A- [Gear Ratio 5.8:1, 4 Ball Bearings and 1 Roller Bearing, 10Lb Drag, Line Capacity 230Yd/12Lb, Weight 8.9oz.]

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