Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Jerk Shad (5", Pack of 5)

Berkley Gulp

  • $6.99

Berkley's® Gulp!® Saltwater Jerk Shads are the spittin' image of the favorite snack of most every inshore species. Their erratic, darting “quick glide” motion imitates struggling baitfish to entice strikes while their split tail design makes them ideal for casting or jigging. Erratic, darting “quick glide” motion imitates struggling baitfish Split tail design ideal for casting or jigging 100% biodegradable Release 400 times more scent than plastic baits Berkley® Gulp!® Saltwater Baits It’s a fact—fishing artificial lures can be problematic. What works well for one species may have little attracting power on another. 100% biodegradable Berkley® Gulp®! Saltwater baits are designed to bridge the gap between artificial and live bait, giving saltwater anglers a better option for catching multiple inshore species. That’s because they release 400 times more scent than plastic baits, drawing interest from just about everything that swims. The Gulp! storage solution permeates the entire body of the bait: not only does the lure leave an irresistible scent trail, but it tastes real through and through to the fish. They also last longer than live bait, and in head-to-head field tests, they even outfished it!

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