Ande Tournament Stand-Up Rods

Ande Tournament Stand-Up Rods


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The ANDE Stand-Up specialty technique rods are designed to be able to place a great deal of strain on large fish while the angler stands up to do battle. Strength and lifting power are prime requirements in this rod type and are designed-in through the use of top quality materials and components . The full length, blank through butt, dual layer graphite and fiberglass construction delivers plenty of strength and power. The strong solid tip aids enormously in lifting big fish. Ergonomic fore grip shape helps control rod and line. Aluminum gimbal butt fits all fighting belts. Fully under wrapped heavy duty fixed guide frames protect highly polished aluminum oxide guides for smooth, wear free line flow. Stainless steel roller stripper and tip top guides on “R” models and all-roller “AR” models provide smoother line flow and more fighting control. Corrosion proof machined aluminum reel seats with heavy duty machined hoods deliver greater strength without excess weight.


  • ASU-601A SBH- [Line Weight 50-80, Speed Butt]
  • ASU-601A SBM- [Line Weight 20-40, Speed Butt]
  • ASU-601A SBMH- [Line Weight 20-50, Speed Butt]
  • ASU-601A SBRMH- [Line Weight 20-50,  Speed Butt +2 Rollers]
  • ASU-601A SBARH- [Line Weight 50-80, Speed Butt + All Rollers]
  • ASU-601A SBARMH- [Line Weight 20-50, Speed Butt + All Rollers]

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